• 03/02/2023

    Update – NanoLace general assembly meeting, Crete february 2023

    The hotel for the workshop will be the fantastic Manili Boutique Suites and Villas in Archanes (www.manili.gr).  The meeting itself will take place at the  “Palia Ilektriki” next to the village square, just just 2-3 minutes on foot from the hotel. Please contact Maria Leventi (see below) for special requests.  All costs (accommodation, lunch and […]

    • 10/11/2022

    NanoLace general assembly meeting, Crete february 2023

    Next general assembly meeting will take place on Crete, 14th of February, 2023. It will be a full day meeting arriving on the 13th and leaving on the 15th.

    • 26/04/2022

    Fourth General Assembly Meeting 26 april 2022 (Virtual)

    The fourth nanoLace general assembly meeting was held on 26 april 2022 from 09:00 to 16:00. The meeting was held virtually on Zoom. Participants: Richard Hobbs (Trinity), Wolf von Klitzing (FORTH), Johannes Fielder (UiB), Bodil Holst (UiB), Veronica Simonsen (NTNU), Simen Hellner (UiB), Ingve Simonsen (NTNU), Sabrina Eder (UiB), Veerendra Dhyani (Trinity), Alexandra McClelland (IM), […]

    • 14/02/2022

    NanoLace sample chamber load lock test setup – timelapse

      The nanoLace sample chamber and load lock test setup was constructed by the nanophysics group at the University of Bergen. Website: https://www.nanolace.eu/ New nano patterning technique offers hope for making large scale patterns with individual molecules The ability to pattern materials at ever-smaller sizes using photolithography is driving advances in nanotechnology. When the feature […]

    • 14/02/2022

    NanoLace on the MB Scientific 2022 calendar

    The MB Scientific 2022 calendar arrived in the mail in Bergen, featuring a nice illustration of the Bergen and Uppsala NanoLace teams.

    • 08/09/2021

    Third general assembly meeting (virtual)

    8 september 2021, nanoLace held its third general assembly meeting. The meeting was virtual due to travel restrictions. A picture of the participants can be found below.